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Why Going to the Theater is Awesome Out of all of the different performing arts we have nowadays, the theater is actually the oldest form out there. Story telling is something that mankind has been doing since we appeared on this planet and w e have been doing theater even before we had an actual language, and that is pretty amazing to say the least. Today we still take inspiration from a number of different kinds of ancient theaters as well, and we are still having plays from thousands of years ago. Even during ancient times people highly regarded the performing arts and theater and they even talk about it regularly in their many different texts and writings because just like today the theater was a big part of their culture. If you wanted to go back in time to see the theater, then you probably will not notice much differences from the theater we have today because it is quite the same and the only differences you might notice is the technology being used. Theater is getting less and less popular nowadays though thanks to things like movies and TV where people prefer to watch films at home or at a movie theater than seeing an actual play. So it is so important for theaters to be able to find new ways to invent themselves and to become relevant again in order to draw more people to watch their stories. Playrights are currently finding some new ways to maintain and grow their audience but the progress is slow and they are still up for a difficult battle if they are to regain their former glory once again. It is going to be difficult because of the many different advanced in technology that has made movies and television possible, because most people would rather just watch these. However, going to the theater is an experience because when you are sitting there watching the play it is magical and there is no doubt about that and this is a feeling you will not be able to experience when you are watching a movie. The experience of watching people perform in front of you is an experience you cannot get anywhere else and it is truly amazing to be able to watch this first hand and this is why theater will never die. You will most definitely never forget going to a theater and watching an amazing play and this is why the theater is such an awesome and awe inspiring experience you cannot get from just simply watching a movie.News For This Month: Theaters Entertainment - My Most Valuable Advice

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